Muscle Banding

What is Muscle Banding?

There are 57 muscles in your face, and the purpose of Muscle Banding is to strengthen and tighten these muscles for extraordinary results. Our Skin Correctives Muscle Banding Program not only lifts and firms the skin; it can also help to restore optimal skin functioning which is the key to healthy, firm skin.

The term “banding” refers to the technique used during the application of the DMK Enzyme Masque, which is designed to directly stimulate a deep contraction of the facial and neck muscles. As they constrict and contract, this increases the flow of blood, lymph and oxygen to the tissue, which heightens the flow of lactic acid. This process progressively strengthens the facial muscles with each treatment.

Muscle Banding gets results by using the same technique as DMK’s world-renowned Enzyme Therapy. The enzyme contains powerful antioxidants to fight the harmful effects of free radicals, which cause premature skin ageing. The enzyme also contains a copper peptide complex, which is highly effective in repairing and strengthening tissue.

We recommend for

DMK Muscle Banding Treatment is highly effective as part of a personalised skin treatment program to help reverse the signs of premature ageing.

Your Skin Correctives experience

  • Allow 1hr 20 Minutes.
  • Ask about our customised pre-exfoliation and pre-treatments to take your skin results to the next level.


Your facial imaging skin assessment is an essential first step in your skin correction journey. That’s why we deduct the price of the initial assessment from your first skin treatment, making it free.