4 Key Reasons Why DMK EFA Ultra is the Best Supplement for Your Skin

You may be wondering which supplement would be the best for your skin as you walk through the aisle containing an overwhelming collection of skincare products. As far as skincare supplements go, you may be well advised to place your bet on EFA Ultra rather than on another product on the market. This article discusses some of the most compelling reasons why EFA Ultra is the right choice for you.

Method of Ingredient Extraction

Many skincare supplements on the market claim that they contain various ingredients that have been proven to be beneficial for your skin. While it may be true that those products may contain the stated ingredients, it is also possible that the way those ingredients were extracted more or less rendered them ineffectual.

For example, you will often come across labelling that states that the ingredients used were extracted using the cold press method of extraction (especially for the oil extracted from seeds). However, many manufacturers try to keep production costs low, so they soak the seeds in solvents as a way of extracting the ingredients cheaply. This method destroys many of the active ingredients contained in the seeds, so you are likely to end up with dismal results despite your religious adherence to the usage instructions provided.

Our approach is different. We emphasise product purity, so we opted to go with the costlier method of extracting ingredients from seabuckthorn seeds and Evening Primrose using carbon dioxide. While expensive, carbon dioxide extraction enables us to authoritatively assert that our EFA Ultra supplement will give you the results that you desire (since all the proven ingredients are intact). Why take chances with another product where corners were cut in order to keep the finished product within a predetermined price range?

Inclusion of Omega 7

Your skin is a result of the complex mix of various nutrients available to your body. One of the key reasons why many skincare supplements fail to deliver the results that they promise is that those products don’t contain omega 7 among the essential fatty acids included in their formulation.

You see, seabuckthorn is just one of the few known plant sources of this rare ESA (omega 7). This ingredient is vital in soothing and nourishing not just your skin and hair, but also your gastrointestinal tract and internal organs so that they can do their work of absorbing and sending vital nutrients to the parts of the body that need them.

Without this nourishment, your gastrointestinal tract will be unable to absorb the nutrients you take in, so those other skincare supplements you take often end up as ingredients for very expensive urine rather than serving the purpose of rejuvenating, repairing or nurturing your skin. Opt for ESA Ultra, and the omega 7 in it will help you to attain the goals you have set for the kind of skin you want.

Use of Raw, Organic Coconut Oil

Another key reason why you would be well advised to take EFA Ultra is because it contains raw, organic coconut oil. As you may be aware, coconut oil doesn’t go rancid. You can therefore have no fear that the capsules you are ingesting have gone bad/rancid during the time when you store them in your home or while you travel.

Additionally, coconut oil is one of the best sources for medium-chain saturated fatty acids. These fatty acids are similar to what is found in breast milk, so you can be sure that you will be getting the same antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits that a nursing mother passes onto her baby.

Any nasty microorganisms that were preventing your gut from extracting the nutrients needed to keep your skin healthy and young will therefore be dealt a decisive blow when you take EFA Ultra capsules as directed. We can go on and on about the plethora of health benefits of coconut oil, but we trust that you can do a simple online search to discover how your overall health will be improved when you take the coconut oil in EFA Ultra.

Results Show Sooner

Who wants to keep taking a supplement that will take forever to show the results desired? EFA Ultra is specially formulated to give you undisputable results within just three weeks. These results come swiftly because we are aware that while your primary interest in getting EFA Ultra was to fix a skin issue, our approach is tailored to improve you from the inside out, since many organs and systems are involved in keeping your skin supple, young and free from defects. You can therefore start the countdown once you pop the first pair of EFA Ultra capsules in your mouth and as sure as night follows day, your skin will show a marked improvement within 21 days.

As you can see, EFA Ultra stands head and shoulders above the other skincare supplements that you may have seen on the market. What’s more is that EFA Ultra will especially work for you if you have just undergone a major cosmetic surgical procedure or you intend to undergo a skin rejuvenation treatment. Try it today and you will soon wonder why you had never used this product before.

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