Booking & Cancellation Policy

Booking Policy

  • When you make a booking, we reserve a therapist just for you. No-shows and last minute cancellations enormously disadvantage our business. They also mean that other clients cannot book those time slots with us. We employ the very best therapists and we invest a great deal in further educating them. Therefore we hope that you will appreciate our Booking Policy.
  • A $30 deposit is required for bookings up to an hour with a further $30 for each full hour thereafter.
  • When booking for a treatment with a gift voucher, the booking fee will be taken from the voucher.

Cancellation Policy

  • We understand that sometimes you may need to change your booking. We kindly request 24 hours notice so that we can offer that time slot to another client.
  • Your deposit will be held for your next booking, or refunded. However, if you don’t provide us with 24 hours notice or you fail to turn up for your appointment (you may send a friend or family member in your place), your deposit will be forfeited.
  • We cannot accept messages left on public holidays as sufficient notice, as we will not have enough time to try to rebook your time slot.
  • The Cancellation Policy does apply to gift vouchers as stated in the booking policy above.