No More Acne: Mikaela’s Story

As I first started my career with Skin Correctives two and a half years ago I felt self-conscious and was not happy with my appearance. When I looked at my face all I saw was big sore breakouts all over my chin, my cheeks, and my forehead, I was then drawn to all of the sun damage I had accumulated over the years in the form of pigmentation and vascularity. A lot of these problems were directly linked to past product lines I had been using on my skin, which had stripped my barrier function and had taken all of the water out of my skin causing a lot of inflammation. I would wear heavy makeup just to try and cover up my flaws, but I could still see the uneven texture due to the scabs from breakouts healing and I was very uncomfortable.

I began my treatment journey with Enzyme therapy, this was an absolute lifesaver for me, it instantly packed my skin full of moisture so I began to feel a lot more comfortable, not as irritated and tight. Enzyme therapy helped restore healthy barrier function to my skin. I began to combine these treatments with other modalities such as Healite phototherapy and other Pre exfoliations prior to the Enzyme each designed to flush and strengthen my skin, help kill bacteria in breakouts and address scarring. Of course alongside these treatments, I built a full homecare regime with all appropriate actives to treat my specific skin conditions. Internal supplementation has been the star for me. It has taken me a long time to heal myself internally and still to this day I am working hard on this. My gut function was very poor due to strong pain medications for frequent migraines and of course, the repercussions of this were evident on my skin. I was very inconsistent with Digestive Tune-Up as every time I would start I would have severe headaches, felt very ill and would break out in Eczema all over my body, this was a sign I needed a lot of work. I also combined EFA’s to help rebuild my barrier and decrease the amount of inflammation in my body, as well as the Relax formulation, I must say I could not live without it. I really noticed the difference in my ability to cope with stressful situations, my moods were more consistent and I could sleep better. I have now completed around 4-5 rounds of Digestive Tune-Up and can really feel the difference in my whole body, I no longer experience breakouts, my sugar cravings are nowhere near what they used to be from decreasing the yeast build up in my body, and overall my mental health has improved greatly. 

Once my breakouts were addressed I moved onto focusing on my pigmentation. IPL light therapy has played a big part in this for me, this has successfully removed a lot of my surface pigment giving me an overall clearer, brighter complexion. I also used this treatment on my body as I also had a lot of damage present. The most important thing for me to remember is because I am so fair protection is my main priority, I wear my SPF every single day, no matter if I am only indoors. This will ensure I will not accumulate any more damage. 

In regards to treating some old scarring present from previous breakouts Venus Viva Nano Fractional Treatments have worked wonders at evening out the texture of my skin, I found these treatments to be comfortable and effective with little downtime, I even had one before work and applied medical DMK makeup over and no one even knew I’d had it done! I highly recommend these treatments for my clients not only for scarring but for any signs of ageing.  

I am currently in a maintenance phase with my skin. I am focusing on age prevention as I am in my mid-twenties so collagen production will begin to decrease the older I get. My particular favourite product to always incorporate in my homecare is the DMK Limited Transgenesis, this is a luxury top-of-the-line age management cream, which addresses all of the conditions I am trying to prevent in my skin. I am very consistent with my internal supplements as I have first-hand experience the benefits these have given me and I always stress the importance of this for my clients.

It is so great to feel more confident in myself. I receive a lot of compliments on my skin and clients often say to me they want their skin to be like mine. I would never have imagined anyone ever saying that to me. I think it’ so special I am able to help others restore their own confidence as I have done myself. It’s very rewarding working at Skin Correctives, we have a whole lot of different modalities and can customise absolutely everything to suit each individual. 

Changing skin is a journey, there is never a quick fix and we often take things slowly one step at a time, but consistency is key and it will pay off. 

Mikaela xx


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