Quick Peel

What is a Quick Peel?

Quick Peel is a gentle cinnamon and cassia peel that uses light exfoliation to leave the skin noticeably smoother and with a more even tone. By rapidly elevating the temperature while lowering the pH of the skin, Quick Peel causes the outer dead cells to harden and break away from underlying tissues. This procedure encourages blood flow, increases peripheral circulation and oxygenates cells. It also stimulates a purging and energising effect that flushes out toxins.

We recommend for

Quick Peel is an add-on treatment to Enzyme Therapy or other skin treatments. Your skin therapist may recommend it for reactive or sluggish skin with poor healing. The antibacterial properties also help with inflammation, infection and acne-prone skin.

Your Skin Correctives experience

Allow an additional 15 minutes to your treatment time when adding Quick Peel to your treatment.


Your facial imaging skin assessment is an essential first step in your skin correction journey. That’s why we deduct the price of the initial assessment from your first skin treatment, making it free.