Correcting uneven skin tone, pigmentation, age spots, sun spots, melasma, and freckles.

Ann before Ann after


Anne was concerned about general ageing and in particular her eye area and a couple of “age spots” that were developing on the sides of her face.

Treatments Received

“I’ve been coming to Skin Correctives for some time now and just now, after having the Remodelling Procedure Peel – all of my pigmentation has lifted and gone!

After the procedure and in-clinic treatments, my skin is so clear, bright and fresh and I love the way the DMK products and treatments at Skin Correctives make my skin feel.

Last but not least, the girls are amazing so I definitely recommend going to Skin Correctives!”

Kath-before Kath-after


Kaye’s primary skin concerns were pigmentation and melasma. 

Treatments Received

12-week ‘Skin Confidence’ program consisting of:

“I LOVE the staff at Skin Correctives for their care, their expertise and for changing my attitude to skin care.

For the first 40 years of my life, I didn’t really look after my skin – using the occasional cleanser and moisturiser only and was pretty skeptical about the worth of a full skin care regime. After going through a 12-week program in 2017 my skin has been revived and refreshed to a point I didn’t believe was possible. Since then I have undertaken other treatments to help minimise and eliminate pigmentation which has also exceeded my expectations.

I now get many compliments on my clear and glowing skin. I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough for anyone who wants to have beautiful skin!”

Dana-before Dana-after


Dana was not happy with pigmentation and dryness of her skin. She really did not want to wear a lot of makeup every day.

Treatments Received

“Skin Correctives staff have given me some fantastic guidance in regards to my skin. Emma and staff have improved my skin to a result that I actually never realised was possible!

My pigmentation was caused by leading a reasonably active lifestyle got and over the years, it got to a point where I was used to the way it looked and felt. It was a suggestion by Emma to try the IPL process and the results are incredible.

I do not feel like I need to cover up my face with makeup, I have a constant glow and my naturally dry skin is feeling amazing.

Thank you, the staff at Skin Correctives, for actually allowing me to enjoy my 40’s without looking tired all the time!”

Kilby-before Kilby-after


Kilby was concerned with Acne acarring, hypo-pigmentation and general skin health.

Treatments Received

“My skin is now vibrant and glowing. Skin Correctives has truly brought my skin back to life. I feel rejuvenated and confident with my fresh new face. I am a fan for life.”

Lacey-before Lacey-after1


Lacey’s main concern was having treatment for the pigmentation that had formed around her eyes and cheeks and to improve the general texture and look of her skin.

Treatments Received

12-week ‘Skin Confidence’ program consisting of:

Followed by:

“I completed the 12-week program that included a variety of different treatments, followed by an RP procedure and most recently skin needling and now I am on a maintenance phase.  After having the RP my skin looked fresher, however, the pigmentation around my eyes darkened as it brought more underlying pigment to the surface. I was disheartened with that part of my results but after speaking with my therapist, she put a plan in place to address it.

The staff is extremely professional yet friendly; they did not give up on me when I had a setback and was feeling despondent with my results. I was always kept informed, provided with a plan and the reasons for it, after every treatment the staff would check-in and they always run on time. I cannot say enough good things about my whole experience and I would highly recommend Skin Correctives.”

Sharee-before Sharee-after


Sharee’s main concern was pigmentation and ageing.

Treatments Received

“Even though I am not a vain person, my worsening pigmentation and large age spots really started to make me feel self-conscious and I dreaded having my photo taken due to this.

My skin journey began with a twelve week program – within the first three weeks the difference was amazing, and by the end of the week 12 I love the look and feel of my skin now. I am even happy to jump in for the odd photo! I would just like to give a big shout out THANK YOU to the Skin Correctives team for looking after me. I would recommend this to anyone that has any little thing they feel could help them improve their skin.”

Kerry-before Kerry-after


Kerry suffers from pigmentation initially caused from burns to her face from a car accident and then exasperated through sun damage.

Treatments Received

“The Skin Correctives team are nothing short of miracle workers.

My results have been nothing short of amazing. The pigmentation is barely visible, people have been commenting on how great my skin looks (something that has NEVER happened before) and for the first time in 20 years, I’m actually feeling confident enough to be seen in public without makeup!

I cannot recommend the team highly enough – trust the process and you will be rewarded!”

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