Muscle Banding

What is Muscle Banding?

Did you know? There are 57 Muscles in your face! Now, imagine what could become of your skin if these muscles are constantly strengthened and toned. The result is firmer skin, allowing you to postpone surgery options. Muscle Banding lifts and firms up your skin as well as restores your skin’s optimal functioning for the maximum health of your skin.

“Banding” is the technique employed during the application of the DMK Enzyme Masque. This unique masque causes involuntary contractions of the face and neck muscles. The contraction of the muscles leads to an increased flow of oxygen, lymph, and blood to the face and neck tissues which results in a heightened flow of lactic acid. The result is strengthened facial muscles after each treatment.

The Muscle banding treatment is even more effective in combating skin ageing as it employs the same technique as DMK’s world-renowned Enzyme Therapy. Enzymes, due to having powerful antioxidants, are used to fight the harmful effects of free radicals that lead to premature skin ageing. The enzymes used also contain a powerful copper peptide complex that is extremely effective in the strengthening and repair of tissues. We recommend having the DMK Muscle Banding Treatment as part of a personalised skin treatment program, which is the most effective way to help reverse any sign of premature ageing.

We recommend for

DMK Muscle Banding Treatment is highly effective as part of a personalised skin treatment program to help reverse the signs of premature ageing by tightening, firming and strengthening skin tissue.

Your Skin Correctives experience

  • Allow 1hr 20 Minutes.
  • Ask about our customised pre-exfoliation and pre-treatments to take your skin results to the next level.
  • Muscle banding is often performed as a series of treatments after performing advanced skin resurfacing treatments.

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