RP Revision

What is RP Revision?

RP (Remodelling Procedure) treatment is designed to reconstruct healthy skin by looking at the underlying cause of premature ageing. Using an exclusive blend of natural plant and fruit sugar acids, applied systematically in layers, RP Revision revises the processes that have developed as a result of the sun or environmental damage.

We recommend for

RP Revision is ideal for skin conditions such as sun damage, premature ageing, loose sagging skin, fine lines and deep wrinkles.

Your Skin Correctives experience

  • Allow 30 minutes – 1hr per peel session.
  • The full treatment procedure takes 14 days.
  • Your skin therapist will tailor the strength of the formulation to suit your skin type and condition.
  • The treatment includes two RP Peel applications.
  • Prepping enzymes and two Lift-Off treatments are required.
    Essential DMK homecare prescriptives are required to support this peel system.
  • Ask about our course of Muscle Banding treatments for optimal results.

Watch this video to learn more about RP Revision

At Skin Correctives, we use DMK Enzyme Therapy. DMK Enzyme Therapy works because it was designed to get to the core of the problem and emulate the way your skin works naturally. It creates a visible oxygenation and detoxification to restore and regulate skin functioning.


Your facial imaging skin assessment is an essential first step in your skin correction journey. That’s why we deduct the price of the initial assessment from your first skin treatment, making it free.