Alkaline Wash

What is Alkaline Wash?

DMK Alkaline wash softens, swells and dissolves unwanted facial hair and dead skin cells.
With regular treatment, the hair regrowth rate becomes slower and the hair weakens, which results in more permanent loss over time.

We recommend for

Alkaline wash treats unwanted fine downy hairs on the face or body and is used in the treatment of folliculitis and ingrown hairs. We might suggest IPL or electrolysis which are more suitable for terminal hairs.
We might suggest IPL or electrolysis which are also suitable for terminal hairs.

Your Skin Correctives experience

  • Home care is required for pre and post care.
  • When you first start, you will have a treatment as often as you would wax the area. As the hair growth weakens, your treatments will become further and further apart.


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Your facial imaging skin assessment is an essential first step in your skin correction journey. That’s why we deduct the price of the initial assessment from your first skin treatment, making it free.