Success Stories


Meet Carol

Carol was not happy with the overall health of her skin. Most of all, she was so unhappy with all her freckles which covered most of her face.

Treatments Received

7 IPL treatments, DMK Remodelling Procedure, regular DMK Enzyme therapy. Full DMK Home Care Prescriptives.

Her Thoughts

“Discovering Skin Correctives and booking a facial imaging assessment was, without a doubt, one of the best things I have ever done for myself. All I used to see when I looked in the mirror were freckles, they swamped my whole face and affected how I felt about myself. The treatments I received have dramatically improved this. I no longer feel so self-conscious and my skin has never looked better – I’m even complemented on it! The Skin Correctives team are amazing. The service, support and expert advice I have been given throughout this journey is of the highest standard. It has completely transformed my skin and given me a renewed sense of self confidence.”


Meet Heather

Heather was concerned about hormonal pigmentation and general age management.

Treatments Received

Regular DMK Enzyme Therapy, DMK Remodelling Procedure, Healite Phototherapy and Fibromax C.  Full DMK Home Prescriptives.

Her Thoughts

“I started coming to Skin Correctives in 2014 and the change I have seen with my skin over that period has been absolutely fantastic. I had one of their Remodelling Procedures done for my pigmentation and that has been the by far the best thing I have done for my skin. I still come in for my regular maintenance treatments to help more with age management. When anyone asks what my secret is I don’t hesitate in telling them I come to see the girls at Skin Correctives. They are just amazing, I can’t recommend them enough! Thank you so much for everything you do for me!”


Meet Anette

Anette was not happy with the uneven skin tone and in particular a pigment lesion on the side of her cheek. She really did not want to wear a lot of makeup every day.

Treatments Received

12 moths of regular skin treatments consisting of IPL, Enzyme Therapy, Remodelling Procedure, Healite Phototherapy.  Full DMK Home Care Prescriptives.

Her Thoughts

“Since coming to look after my skin a year ago at Skin Correctives, my pigment has been considerably reduced with various treatments and using a full DMK Home Care prescription that was prescribed for me. After having the recommended targeted treatments my skin not only feels amazing, it also looks amazing. I have noticed such a big change in the look and feel of my skin.”

Meet Anne

Anne was concerned about general ageing and in particular her eye area and a couple of “age spots” that were developing on the sides of her face.

Treatments Received

DMK Enzyme Therapy, DMK Remodelling Procedure, Healite Phototherapy, Skin Clear, Rejuvastamp Skin Needling. Full DMK Home Care Prescriptives.

Her Thoughts

“I’ve been coming to Skin Correctives for some time now and just now, after having the Remodelling Procedure Peel – all of my pigmentation has lifted and gone! My skin is so clear and bright and fresh and I love the way the DMK products and treatments at Skin Correctives make my skin feel. The girls are amazing and I definitely recommend going to Skin Correctives.”


Meet Janine

Janine had been struggling with acne breakouts, redness and irritated skin.

Treatments Received

Regular DMK Enzyme Therapy, DMK Transdermal Treatments, Healite Phototherapy and full DMK Home Care Prescriptives.

Her Thoughts

“I have been coming to Skin Correctives for treatments for almost 12 months now and since starting I have seen an amazing improvement in my skin! My self-confidence was affected by my breakouts and I had tried so many things to help but they all made my skin so much worse. I am so happy with the results and have learnt so much over the course of my treatments on the best way to look after my skin at home when I get the occasional flare up. Thank you so much!”


Meet Kilby

Kilby was concerned with Acne Scarring, Hypo-pigmentation and general skin health.

Treatments Received

Monthly DMK Enzyme Therapy, Healite Phototherapy, DMK Remodelling Procedure, 3 sessions of IPL, 3 sessions of Rejuvastamp Skin Needling. Full DMK Home Care Prescriptives

Her Thoughts

“My skin is now vibrant and glowing. Skin Correctives has truly brought my skin back to life. I feel rejuvenated and confident with my fresh new face. I am a fan for life.”


Meet Laura

Laura was concerned about an overall redness with skin sagging and wrinkles.

Treatments Received

Over a period of 9 months she had monthly treatments consisting of DMK Enzyme Muscle Banding, Hydradermaze, Healite Phototherapy, Remodelling Procedure, Fibromax C & full DMK Home Prescriptives.

Her Thoughts

“The team at Skin Correctives have gone above and beyond to make sure all my needs are met and all my skin care concerns have been addressed. The girls are always a pleasure to be around, making sure they always stop to say hello. All the staff conduct themselves in a very professional manner and make you feel comfortable. I am very happy with the progress of my skin thus far ”


Meet Lynne

Lynne was an ex-smoker and sun lover.  She also suffered from acne when she was young and was left with scarring.  She just wanted to look and feel fresher and firmer.

Treatments Received

Enzyme therapy to prep followed by a DMK Remodelling Procedure, 6 week course of Muscle Banding Enzymes with Healite Phototherapy and Fibromax C. Full DMK Home Care Prescriptives

Her Thoughts

“The Skin Correctives team is amazing. I knew I was in the right place from the minute I walked through the door. I have been educated and guided from my skin assessment and ongoing. The staff are so professional in everything they do and always make me feel so welcome and cared for. They are truly supportive and genuine. I feel so happy with my progress thus far. I am a client for life and look forward seeing the progress with each step we take. One of the best things I have done for myself by far.”


Meet Tori

Tori was really concerned with the redness in her skin and general age management.

Treatments Received

Regular DMK Enzyme Therapy, 4 IPL treatments, Healite Phototherapy and Fibromax C. Full DMK Home Care Prescriptives.

Her Thoughts

“I love the fact that my skin is no longer so red. It looks and feels so much better. You can see a difference in your skin as the treatments progress. Visiting Skin Correctives is definitely one of the best investments I have made for my self esteem.”


Meet Cassie

Cassie wasn’t happy with some of the lines on her face and the general health of her skin after years of working outside and a mix of skincare routines.

Treatments Received
12-week program with DMK Enzyme Therapy,  Venus Viva Multipolar treatments, IPL Rejuvenation and Pigment as well as Healite Phototherapy followed by 3 Venus Viva Nanofractional RF treatments.
Cassie was on full DMK Limited home prescriptive range as well as DMK EFA Ultra Capsules.
Her Thoughts

“I started my journey with Skin Correctives in September. I wasn’t happy with some of the lines on my face and the general health of my skin after years of working outside and a mix of skincare routines. And a friend had given me a glowing recommendation for the clinic so I decided it was time to give it a go.

From the first consultation, I have been nothing other than impressed. My plan was based on a thorough assessment and imaging which gave me a lot of confidence. I committed to the 12-week boot camp and started my transformation.
Every treatment I have had has been an experience that I have looked forward to an enjoyed. Through a mix of enzyme treatments, IPL, heat lamp and RF skin tightening as well as the Limited products I have used at home, my skin has changed so much in 3 months. It now has a more even tone, is more elastic, and looks healthy.
When people who don’t know you are having treatment comment on your skin you know it’s working!
My advice to anyone, particularly those in my age bracket of +40, is to consider skin health above anything else. Before heading down the path of cosmetic procedures talk to Skin Correctives and have a treatment that aims for overall skin health not short term corrective procedures and treatments. You will be glad you did.”


Meet Lesley

Lesley suffers from a lot of anxiety issues which were impacting her self and skin confidence.

Treatments Received
12-week skin program consisting of Venus Viva Multipolar Treatments, IPL Vascular treatments, DMK Enzyme Therapy and Skin Clear Treatments followed by a course of 4 Venus Viva Nanofractional RF treatments with Multipolar RF skin tightening.
Full DMK Limited Home Prescriptives as well as 4 courses of Regul8 Digestive Tune-up and ongoing DMK EFA Ultra Capsules, Regul8 Relax and Regul8 Maintain.
Her Thoughts

“I would like to give Mikaela the biggest thank you as my skin therapist, she has made me feel fantastic about myself. After hiding behind my makeup, not leaving the house & couldn’t even answer the door without applying at least 2 layers of foundation. I suffer from a lot of anxiety issues and I couldn’t have picked a better clinic to do my treatments. All the ladies are fantastic.

It’s a very friendly and caring team. I can’t wait to be able to go to the beach now without all the extra layers of makeup. Mikaela Has given me the confidence to enjoy my life.”


Meet Lacey

Lacey’s main concern was having treatment for the pigmentation that had formed around her eyes and cheeks and to improve the general texture and look of her skin.

Treatments Received

12-week program including DMK Enzyme Therapy with some Pre-exfoliations, IPL Rejuvenation, Venus Viva Multipolar Treatments.  This was followed by Skin Needling & Vitamin C Infusions.  Full DMK Home Prescriptives with our Pigment Intervention Cream.

Her Thoughts

I came to skin correctives to see if they could treat the pigmentation that had formed around my eyes and cheeks and to improve the general texture and look of my skin. I started my journey by having a very thorough skin assessment with a very informative consultation with the therapist who put together a treatment plan that I could follow both at home and in the clinic. Throughout every appointment, I was informed about the treatment, the process, what it might feel like and what part of the skin was being targeted and why. I cannot speak highly enough of the staff they are fantastic from the moment I walked through the door I was put at ease, everyone was friendly, very professional and always on time.  

I completed the 12-week program that included a variety of different treatments, followed by an RP procedure and most recently skin needling and now I am on a maintenance phase. The 12-week program greatly improved my overall skin tone, texture & health, the pigmentation was significantly reduced and my skin had a glow about it that my family and friends all commented on. To have skin that looked and felt amazing was a complete confidence booster. After having the RP my skin looked fresher however the pigmentation around my eyes darkened as it brought more to the surface which was underlying. I was disheartened with that part of my results but after speaking with my therapist she took everything I said and felt on board and put a plan in place to address it. The response from the staff and clinic was above and beyond my expectations. Having had such a great experience with my 12-week program and the way it was conducted I knew I could completely trust my therapist and the process she put in place. I was not disappointed. The dark pigmentation is gone, my skins overall texture and tone is beautiful and I have enough confidence in how it looks to leave the house without make-up. I look younger which has been a bonus to my overall aim for starting my treatments and my family and friends have all noticed the difference. I happily tell everyone that it’s down to Skin Correctives – they really have worked wonders on my skin.  

I spent my youth in the sun and after numerous pregnancies, I had a lot of pigmentation both underneath and on the surface of my face. The staff is extremely professional yet friendly they did not give up on me when I had a setback and was feeling despondent with my results. I was always kept informed, provided with a plan and the reasons for it, after every treatment the staff check-in and they always run on time. The products are quality and leave you feeling amazing both at home and in the clinic. Cannot say enough good things about my whole experience and I would highly recommend Skin Correctives.


Meet Kate

Kate had very reactive skin after chemo therapy.

Treatments Received

Kate received 6 treatments alternating pH revision and skin needling with a full home prescription of the DMK Limited Range to achieve these results and her skin continues to improve as she is now addicted to having great skin.

Her Thoughts

“After a long battle with chemo my skin was left feeling flat and aged. I cannot believe the difference these treatments have made to my skin. Thank you to the ladies at Skin Correctives. My skin feels better than it ever has.”


Meet Kerry

Kerry suffers from pigmentation initially caused from burns to her face from a car accident and then exasperated through sun damage.

Treatments Received

Our two-phase pigment peel procedure which consists of an intensive in-clinic peel treatment and followed with the home care presriptive program for the following 6 months.

Her Thoughts

“The Skin Correctives team are nothing short of miracle workers.

Having been getting increasingly self-conscious over my worsening skin pigmentation (caused initially from burns to my face from a car accident and then made worse through sun damage) I was very excited (but pretty skeptical) when the two-phase pigment peel procedure was recommended that would not only help the pigmentation but had the bonus of being massively anti-ageing!

The results have been nothing short of amazing. The pigmentation is barely visible, people have been commenting on how great my skin looks (something that has NEVER happened before) and for the first time in 20 years, I’m actually feeling confident enough to be seen in public without makeup!

I cannot recommend the team highly enough – trust the process and you will be rewarded!”


Meet Sharee

Sharee’s main concern was pigmentation and ageing.

Treatments Received

3x NanoFractional RF treatments, Multi-Polar skin tightening, IPL pigment removal and rejuvenation followed by our 2-phase pigment peel procedure and full home prescriptives.

Her Thoughts

“I had seen some results other ladies experienced on Skin Corrective social media. I myself suffered from bad pigmentation & my ageing spots were becoming larger & darker even though I am not a vain person this really started to make me feel self-conscious & I dreaded having my photo taken due to this…

So I thought I would call in for an appointment just to see what they would recommend & if they thought I would be able to help my skin in any way, so my journey began with a twelve week program within the first three weeks the difference was amazing & by the end of the week twelve I love the look & feel of my skin now & happy to jump in for the odd photo…

I would just like to give a big shout out THANK YOU to the Skin Correctives Team for looking after me. I would recommend this to anyone that has any little thing they feel could help them improve their skin.”