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Transform your skin and unlock greater confidence with personalised skin treatment programs by Skin Correctives.

You are searching for something that can truly help you improve your skin. Maybe you’ve tried all sorts of different treatments and products without success. Or, you’ve been bombarded with lots of information about skin treatments and don’t know where to start. Whatever the reason, we’re so happy you found us.

Since 1998, we’ve helped thousands of people like you improve their skin – from the inside out – and become much happier and more confident. How do we do it? It’s not magic – it’s science. At the heart of what we do are the world-renowned DMK skin treatments and prescriptives, a range of botanical-based paramedical products for skin revision.
If you’re someone who’s ready to improve your skin and find your inner happy, then you’re in the right place. Our expertise combined with DMK products will help you get the results you want.

Book your facial imaging skin assessment today and start your journey to the best skin possible.

Why Choose Skin Correctives?

Your treatment is designed for you, and only you.

Because we know that your skin, lifestyle and needs are completely unique. We spend time getting to know you, so we can provide a personalised treatment program that will deliver outstanding, long-lasting results.

You know you’re getting the best.

We specialise in DMK, the world leader in skin revision. DMK is a range of botanical-based paramedical products for skin revision. Our skin practitioners are fully validated by DMK HQ before being authorised to perform all DMK treatments to the highest standards. Learn more about our range of DMK products.

We’re with you every step of the way

From the initial consultation through to your post-treatment support. It’s this level of care that ensures we always get the best outcome safely and continue to achieve unrivalled life-changing results for our clients.

Winner of over 20 awards:

2017 Local Business Awards Winner Outstanding Youth Award • 2017 DMK Awards Winner 2nd Clinic of the State NSW • 2017 DMK Awards Winner Ambassador Award for Mentoring • 2016 Local Business Awards Winner Most Outstanding Beauty Services • 2016 Wollongong City Centre Retail & Business Awards Winner Beauty Services •  2016 Australian Small Business Champion Awards Winner Beauty Services •  2015 DMK Awards Winner Clinic Of The State NSW • 2015 Wollongong City Centre Retail & Business Awards Winner Beauty Services •  2015 IWIB Awards Highly Commended Best Small Business • 2015 IWIB Awards Highly Commended Illawarra’s Innovative Businesswoman • 2014 Local Business Awards Winner Most Outstanding Business Of The Year • 2014 Local Business Awards Winner Most Outstanding Beauty Services •  2014 IWIB Awards Winner Best Small Business •  2014 IWIB Highly Commended Business Woman Of The Year • 2013 Illawarra Business Awards Winner Excellence in Retail & Personal Services •  2013 DMK Awards Winner Most Consistent Clinic NSW • 2013 Local Business Awards Winner Most Outstanding Beauty Services • 2013 IWIB Highly Commended Business Woman Of The Year •  2012 IWIB Award Winner Best New Business

Meet Karen, Director – Skin Correctives


It’s an incredible feeling to make a difference in someone’s life. The thrill of watching someone blossom when they see a true change in their skin is what first motivated me to open Skin Correctives Paramedical Dermal Clinic in South Africa in 1998.

When I relocated to Australia with my family 14 years later I sold the business and briefly considered a career change. But, my passion for skin revision was too strong. Six months later, in January 2011, I opened the doors to Skin Correctives Paramedical Beauty Clinic in Shellharbour.

After an incredibly successful first year, we expanded to Wollongong in October 2012. I now enjoy leading and mentoring my award-winning team of dedicated skin professionals who share my passion for skin.

Our Commitment To You

Deliver visible and measurable results

Provide you with personalised treatments and service

Keep updated with the latest technology

Always be sincere and act in your best interest

Follow correct procedures and protocols

Be with you all the way

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It!

  • “DMK requires an enormous amount of dedication to advanced skin education and skin revision practical training in order to offer unrivalled life changing results that is offered worldwide for over 45 years. The team at Skin Correctives live and breathe their dedication to ongoing education. Most of all, they are extremely passionate about providing you with the very best treatment plans and tailored skin care routines to make a difference to your skin and how you feel about your skin. It is this quality that you will not find in every clinic, but is found in every Skin Correctives skin therapist.”

    Daniel Dickson
    Daniel Dickson CEO, DMK Australia & New Zealand
  • “Karen Meiring de Gonzalez is one of the most dedicated and proficient practitioners of the aesthetics arts I have ever had the honour to work with. I have known her from her days in her native South Africa to her stunning career in Australia. Always a “question asker” and never accepting anything at face value, she is one of the more popular clinic owners in her adopted country due to her passion for results, skills and analytical mind.”

    Danné Montague-King
    Danné Montague-King Founder, DMK Skin Care.
  • “I wish there was a higher number then 5 to rate Skin Correctives on Facebook. I have been a loyal customer for just over a year now and I have loved in sharing the journey I have had with them transforming my skin. The treatments are amazing, the staff are wonderful and while travelling for work and being away, Karen and the girls have never not been there for me when I've needed them! I Can't thank them enough for their services and I know I wouldn't have the confidence I have now if it wasn't for them!”

    Luke Mumford Haywards Bay
  • “Karen and her team are amazing!!! My skin has NEVER been as nice and radiant as it is now. I have always disliked my skin as I have so many freckles and believed that would never change. I'm totally in love with my skin now and know that it's going to get even better! I'm only at the start of my skin repair journey but I'm thrilled that Skin Correctives has changed my perception of what great skin is!”

    Kristy Salibe Albion Park

Take Your First Step

A facial imaging skin assessment is an essential first step in your skin correction journey. That’s why we deduct the price of the initial assessment from your first skin treatment, making it free.

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