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LED Healite Rejuvenation

LED Healite Phototherapy is remarkably effective for enhancing skin healing and rejuvenation, and due to its versatility, it is used to treat a plethora of skin concerns.

LED Phototherapy utilises different light frequencies to stimulate the creation of collagen and elastin in your skin which enhances your skin’s tone, luminosity and texture. It also stimulates the healing process at a cellular level which makes it an excellent treatment for any post, invasive or minimally invasive procedure. 

About the Treatment

LED Healite Phototherapy can be used on both the face and body as a single skin treatment or as part of your skin treatment program. When used in conjunction with other skin treatment such as peels, skin needling and/or resurfacing, LED Therapy enhances the positive effects of these treatments on the skin.

Due to the systemic anti-inflammatory effects of the Healite system, most clients report a general feeling of wellbeing after treatments, especially when undertaking the LED Therapy treatments regularly.

LED Healite Rejuvenation treatment utilises the 830nm light wavelength (near infrared light), which is particularly effective in stimulating the skin cells and mitochondria to work and rejuvenate faster and more effectively. 

Its healing properties make this treatment our favourite to prescribe following our advanced treatments associated with more downtime, such as Microneedling, Nano Fractional RF Resurfacing, and advanced peels. 

LED Healite Rejuvenation

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