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Probiotic Pumpkin Peel

Ideal for treating reactive skin, acne, breakouts by balancing the pH of the skin, our Probiotic Pumpkin Peel is a uniquely formulated treatment which helps restore the skin’s microbiome. It combines enzymes infused with retinol, pomegranate and mango antioxidants to fight the free radical invasion. The versatile pulp delivery system found in this treatment makes it ideal for any skin type to refresh and restore its balance. This is a great boosting treatment and can be performed on all skin types all year round. 

About the Treatment

‘Probiotics’ is no longer a term associated with gut health only. Skincare probiotic components are known for skin’s microbiome whilst gently exfoliating, hydrating and delivering antioxidants into the skin. Our Probiotic Pumpkin Peel is known to strengthen and balance the skin by balancing its pH. It supports the skin’s barrier function while also guarding the skin from the omnipresent free radicals.

Furthermore, it helps release skin impurities and dead cells while deeply hydrating and stimulating collagen production. The pumpkin enzymes, which are the key ingredient of this treatment, digest accumulated skin material from the surface. Apart from its exfoliating function, retinol helps to activate the peel and regulate skin dysfunction.

Let’s break down the ingredients of this hydrating and decongesting treatment:

  • Pumpkin enzymes gently exfoliate
  • Glycolic acid stimulates fibroblasts and collagen and ellastin production
  • Lactic acid lightens and hydrates the skin
  • Retinol helps regulate skin dysfunction and in this particular blend, helps lift off dead cell material (exfoliant)

Probiotic Pumpkin Peel

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